ritalin reggie


basically, if I'd seen this in a movie theater in the 1970's it would've been a porn film that had what was called then "redeeming social value". it's basically the story of a group of disparate folks who become connected through a sex club called Shortbus. mostly, though, it's the story of how everyone finds their orgasm. so, kinda like "deep throat" only sad.
ritalin reggie

at the movies

since no one was available for jews night t the movies, I took a cab to the chinese joint across the street from the galaxy and had chinese food for dinner. then I walked across the street and took in a screening of the movie called "the road". it was the perfect anti-christmas movie! a bleak, distopian vision of a future in which almost everything is dead and the only folks left are ultr-violent gangs of cannibals. into this viggo mortensen and his tween son are attempting to "head south" to where they believe it is still a healthy land to live. before they leave on this voyage, charlize theron (as the wife and mom) decides she just can't take it anymore and leaves them to go out into the wilderness and die. they attempt a happy ending in which viggo's TB gets the best of him and he dies, but a family which in a deux machina way suddenly appears to adopt the boy. doesn't quite work.

then, on christmas day, catastrophegirl took me to a showing of the new 3d pictuare "avatar". I kept finding myself uttering the word "wow" at the awesome 3d effects. but, basically, it's a dumb movie and if they'd only spent 1% of that they spent on the effects on better dialogue it would have been a much better movie going experience. awesome effects work, regardless.
ritalin reggie


just watched the john cusack movie "war inc.", which is quite a picture and I do recommend it. the most surprising thing about this satire of our war in iraq is the role of the "pop singer" from "turkraqistan" that of yonicka babyyeahyeah was an actress I couldn't identify, either by her look or her voice. turns out it was hillary duff! didn't see that one coming. she was great! which I also would never have thought possible, but there you go.
ritalin reggie

twist around the clock

I just watched this old movie, which was the sequal to Rock Around the Clock. The most overarching feeling after this is that I had no idea that The Twist was an entire subgenre of rock n roll nor that almost any lyrics could be written to that melody. Let's twist like we did last summer was nowhere to be found in this movie, even though Chubby Checker was featured prominently. so there!
ritalin reggie

3:10 to Yuma

just watched the DVD and now understand all the glowing reviews this picture received. It is a really great western and also just a really great flick. From the direction, to the performances, to the art direction to the moral, it's all just a really great ride. It clocks in at just 2 minutes over 2 hours, but it moves along at such a great clip it feels sorta short. I heartily recommend that you rent this movie.
ritalin reggie

hard candy

just finished watching the DVD of 3 year old movie "hard candy" starring a very yound ellen page. I recall reading the reviews when it came out and thing "hmmm...sounds kinda cool", but now that I've seen it I know that it is so much more than kinda cool. it's a thriller, and a morality play. there are so many twists and turns that it's amazing. And, if I thought I enjoyed page's performance in Juno, well, this performance blows that one out of the water! the script is incredibly tight, leading the viewer down so many wrong and dark paths, I don't really know what to say about it. and the twist at the ending is amazing! please rent this picture!
ritalin reggie

Pixar's "Up"

this movie surprised me, all along the way. From the really fun movie short at the head all the way to the end credits, I was surprised. Surprised mostly because I didn't realize how much they would so masterfully tug at the ol' heartstrings. damned movie made me cry three seperate times!. So, as far as comedies go, it was far more heartwarming than funny. not that there's anything wrong with that!
ritalin reggie


OK, I just watched the DVD of "taken" with Liam Niesen and I would give it a pretty big B+ for anyone who enjoys a one man army flick. It's written by Luc Besson so it's a pulse pounder from start to finish.It would have been better with Jean Reno, but, really, what wouldn't be?

Of course it's contrived, but what one man armey picture isn't? the action and chase scenes are great, and of course the really overly choreographed fight scenes are great. And, as always with Luc, the ex-wife is stupid but rich and goes, in the end, with the rich guy, but you know she's now gonna cheat on him with her ex, the one man army which will make her daughter happy, sorrta.

so, if you like this sorta thing, it's all right.
ritalin reggie

star trek!

2 words summarize this viewing experience: FUCKIN' AWESOME!

there wasn't a single wrong note in this picture. it hit everything just right. you owe yourself a viewing of this flick!