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OK, I just watched the DVD of "taken" with Liam Niesen and I would give it a pretty big B+ for anyone who enjoys a one man army flick. It's written by Luc Besson so it's a pulse pounder from start to finish.It would have been better with Jean Reno, but, really, what wouldn't be?

Of course it's contrived, but what one man armey picture isn't? the action and chase scenes are great, and of course the really overly choreographed fight scenes are great. And, as always with Luc, the ex-wife is stupid but rich and goes, in the end, with the rich guy, but you know she's now gonna cheat on him with her ex, the one man army which will make her daughter happy, sorrta.

so, if you like this sorta thing, it's all right.

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