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finally got so see watchmen, and I absolutely loved it! I have never read the books, but I think I really want to now. This picture has everything I could want in a comic book movie. it has a great story, it challenges comic book conventions, it has great stunts and CGI, it has a troupe of talented actors, it has lots of gory comic book violence, and best of all, in addition to great art direction and costumes, it has one very smokin' hot babe in a totally hot set of costumes and yes, we even get to see her naked and fucking! is there more that could possibly be asked for? I think not!
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The Oscars

OK, I know it's three days after the fact but I'm busy people.

Still, I wanted to get this up because I was hoping to learn your thoughts on Sunday's Oscars.

Ratings went up this year probably due to Hugh Jackman's barrel chest. But I thought Jackman was a bore and I hated all the song and dance numbers except the "Slumdog" and John Legend performance.

Other than that I was hard pressed to find one enjoyable moment. Even the speeches were boring.

Dark Knight

Okay, I rarely gush about a movie like this, but Dark Knight blew me away. (No, I didn't see it until now - I hate movie theatres, prefer my own living room with its surround sound and big screen and lack of screaming children and gum stuck to my shoe.)

I was so impressed that I am keeping the DVD to watch it again, maybe tonight. I never do that. But this movie was that densely packed and well done. And heart wrenching. And I think I am in love with Bruce Wayne. This one makes all the other Batman movies look like children's cartoons, and it's not just the spectre of Heath Ledger's suicide - his portrayal of the Joker would be haunting anyway.
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Burn After Reading

I was supposed to go all the way to wakefield to catch ascreening of A Brush With Murder saturday afternoon. But, the headline on my morning newspaper said on Friday the price of gas had gone up to $5/gallon. So, that put the kibbosh on that.

But, as I only live about 3 blocks from a theater that was showing the new Coen brother's movie I went and saw that instead.

The movie is very funny and works on many levels of funny. Malkovitch plays a CIA analyst who when summarily informed that he's being demoted, quits his job. He goes into a deep depression and decides to write his memoirs, including the naming of names. Swinton plays his wife he doesn't know wants a divorce. Councelled by her lawyer to get a good feel for his financials, she copies the entire contents of his computer onto a disk.

Meanwhile, McDormand and Pitt work at a fitness club and the janitor finds the disk on the floor of the ladies room. Pitt has a friend take a look at it and learns that it is very highly classified material. The two of them hatch a plan to get the disk back to malkovitch in return for a reward of $50K. hilarity ensues. Clooney is very good. Pitt is top notch as a dimwit, he's very over the top. I caught a matinee and the theater had about 20 people in it, but we were all laughing out loud as the absurdity grows and grows.

Go see this one, you won't regret it.
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Finally, saw Wall-E a little while back and loved it. So cute with a strong message. I hope we listen. Did I mention it was cute? Cause it was really, really cute.
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the dark knight

took myself to see it friday night. LOVED IT! it is the best comic book movie of the summer, and that included iron man which I also loved. heath ledger's joker actually scared me a little, even. and thank god, there was no katie holmes in the picture...
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OK, I enjoyed this movie very much. I laughed, I cried, etc. the first half is a joy of craziness. then, at about the hour mark, it takes a (what to me, anyways) out of left field curveball and doesn't really come back. at least not until the short scene in the middle of the end credits. I recommend this movie as being a good time had by all!
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when I was a child almost everyone I knew was into reading the CS Lewis books. all, that is, except us jewish kids. our parents wouldn't let us read them because they told us the books had hidden messages about jesus and believing in jesus. so, I never read them. I also didn't see the first narnia movie, though I did add it to my netflix list.

last night I watched it. it was pretty entertaining. but, I have to say, I didn't see any jesus in it anywhere. Can someone please explain to me what the fuck our jewish parents were on about?
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Kung Fu Panda - Review

X-Posted from my journal.

I've been literally on the run for the past few weeks and I'm a tad bit behind with my movie viewing. Fortunately, the task of catching up looks to be a pleasant one and I'm starting with this movie!

Here's what I thought:

Kung Fu Panda
9 out of 10 overall.
Full-fare value.
Well worth seeing.
Tight and fun!

Rated PG
Running time: 1h 31m

When I first saw the trailers and heard that the 'team that brought you Shrek' had a new movie coming out, I was underwhelmed at best. But as the premiere date for Kung Fu Panda drew closer, my skepticism shrank and I was actually starting to look forward to whatever they had to offer. And what they had to offer was a whole lot of fun!


I hit a matinee this afternoon and may have been the only adult without a child in tow, not that it bothered me. My only fear was that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the movie for all the talking and squabbling I anticipated from the junior sectors of the audience. Just the opposite may have been closer to the truth!

Kung Fu Panda starts out fairly slow, but quickly finds the accelerator and sets about building speed. And it's all done with a wonderfully crafted touch, both looking and feeling great along the way. The movie's art direction is amazing and complete, with great voice acting matched to some stunning and hilarious animation. (My big surprise was that English actor, Ian McShane, from the BBC series, Lovejoy - a personal favorite - voiced the snow leopard, Tai Lung!) Directors Mark Osbourne and John Stevenson did a sterling job of bringing both the world and the characters to life. But it would have all been for not if there hadn't been a solid story behind everything.

It's more than a little obvious that the screen writers, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, are big fans of the kung fu movie genre. The story unfolds around some tried and true kung fu cliches, only more so and with a few twists. And thankfully, unlike the Shrek franchise, all of the satire and humor were drawn from within the kung fu movie genre, rather than using any contemporary avenues. And even though the 6 to 12-year old crowd couldn't possibly be well-versed in the kung fu movie traditions, they were none-the-less laughing they butts off at all the right places! It also didn't hurt matters that the main story, the two or three sub-plots, and all of the characters were refreshingly un-convoluted, well-defined, and presented in a way that made them all accessible.

I had a great time with Kung Fu Panda and can't wait to drag other people to see it! Oh, and once again, for those who stay to the end of the credits, there's an added treat!
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Transatlantic Theater

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The travel-mad hysteria of the past 6-weeks is finally at an end and I'm home for a goodly bit of time!

One of my most recent company trips took me across the Atlantic, for the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, England. One of the very few benefits of such a long journey is the chance to catch up with whatever movies you might have missed!

Here's some quickie reviews of the 6 movies I saw!

The West to East leg:

7 out of 10 overall.
Godzilla crossed with Blair Witch.

7 out of 10 overall.
A bit too much in love with its own dialog.

27 Dresses
4 out of 10 overall.
Surprisingly likable, despite the road-weary story.

The East to West leg:

The Other Boleyn Girl
10 out of 10 overall.

The Spiderwick Chronicles
6 out of 10 overall.
A gritty, snarky Harry Potter-styled effort.

10,000 B.C.
1 out of 10 overall.
A great steaming pile of post-consumer product!

And that's how I saw 'em!